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Custom Website Design Company in India to take your business BIG!!

Websites these days are a reflection of your BUSINESS STATEMENT. As prospective clients prefer to take a peek into your business through your business website first and then with what is presented therein, choose to further correspond and partner in your growth. You have less than 7 seconds for interested clients who willingly chose to visit and even lesser than 3 seconds for random visitors to grab attention with what the website homepage has to offer. At People Tech Soft we take great pride as Website Designers from Hyderabad to help local and national businesses as well as businesses from all over the world to find the platform they have always been looking for to showcase their services and products.

Website Designing is no longer an IT solution alone but has transformed into a craft that needs a creative approach with a tinge of business understanding and marketing strategies. Read More

Web and Cloud based Application Development Company for the Businesses of Tomorrow!

In today’s world, we have entered a whole new era of computing technology that has helped boost industries and businesses in many ways. It has taken control of almost every aspect of human life and it is needless to mention that all technological development helping aspect of human evolution and growth is indebted to this enhancement in computing technology.

Take any facet of life, be it medical and healthcare to science and technology or even the simplest aspect such as video calling our loved ones is a boon that has been realized only due to technological advancement in computing. Internet changed the world and it brought the entire human race closer to one another and of course with the enhancements in mobile computing and global connectivity, getting the job done was far easier. Read More

Digital Marketing Services in India. Social Media Marketing for the businesses of today!

People Tech Soft has entered the domain of Digital Marketing which is now much more than just a raging trend. Digital Marketing is indeed the future of advertising and strutting your stuff and every business should try to avail the full benefits of it.

Gone are the days of pamphlets, posters and hoardings to advertise your business, especially when everyone is hooked to their smartphones and electronic devices. Internet has brought the entire world closer and the rapid development of the world wide web and the social media platforms that are based on it, have changed the entire equation of how we maintain business contacts and interact with people of interest. Read More

Web Hosting services and solutions to let your website drive your business growth.

A great looking website deserves a hosting platform that can handle its worth. And with the variety of options available for you out there it is easy to get carried away and opt for the most economical options, but they are most likely to be the downfall for your website and possibly your business.

If they are not equipped with the right servers, network or technical support it may not be able to withstand the traffic, or may crash and may even have security issues.

Having the right website hosting mechanism goes a long way in ensuring the success and right proliferation of your website. Read More

ecommerce website development and online shopping website development. Let online shopping be fun!

The advent of internet has changed many things, and among those many things, one is how we shop today...

Oh! the joy of sitting in that favourite couch, chilling on a hot cup of coffee and browsing through those colourful and graphic rich pictures of stuff that your heart desires which you may not find even in your local stores, and hell, it will be delivered to your doorstep!! What more is there to ask…

Online Shopping Websites or e-commerce websites are omnipresent these days... Amazon, AliExpress, Flipkart, BangGood are some of the giants we know and of course there are these countless others that specialize in their own little niche segment of goods, products, crafts and even services. Read More

Smartphone and Mobile App development… to Rewrite the Rules of the Game!

Smartphones and mobiles have changed the way we have interacted with everything and everybody and each day with the advancement in mobile and smartphone technology we unlock newer horizons, potentials and opportunities.

Smartphones have essentially become powerful little computers capable of becoming the conduits of infinite possibilities.

All the chipsets and processors like Snapdragons, Exynos or Helios, powerful RAMs and the intricate electronics built with stunning cameras and other supporting hardware is just the support structure, but what really opens up the doors to another dimension is the software and firmware, Android or IOS operating system, the user interface design and most importantly the mobile applications that make the impossible... possible! All these ingredients come together and put in your palms the power to DO IT ALL!! Afterall mobile and smartphone application developers have enabled the entire world to fully use the power that your mobile device is capable of. Read More

Web App development enabling Productivity and Efficiency… Anywhere and Anytime!

Imagine needing just internet and a computer to get the most difficult jobs done without even setting a foot in your office OR making that intricate financial report for which you no longer need to search manually through office records or wrestle with loads of paperwork OR finalizing a huge project design and browsing through all the drafts and drawings without having to sit with the engineers all day. Web application make it all happen. Internet and computing technology have made a lot of things that seemed impossible a decade ago… POSSIBLE!

Industries and businesses have found success in efficient operational conduct through entirely web and cloud based powerful software and application that do not need system to have loads of software installed or high-tech hardware support. In fact, all that you need is access to internet and it will get the job done. Read More

REAL ESTATE SECTOR has a new powerful ERP and CRM tool that does it all!!

People tech soft offers modular Real Estate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and cloud-based application and web development for all types of businesses. Among these the we specialize in developing custom Real Estate ERP and CRM Software.

ERP software in short helps any business plan all its available resources for a particular project that can either be material, human resource, machine, equipment or skillset. It is meant to track the progress of a project form starting to finish through various stages that are pre-planned. It helps allocate the right resources and track or monitor their functionality at their concerned stages. This immensely helps in an effective utilization of resources while keeping optimum productivity and maintaining project efficiency till delivery. It helps immensely in cost cutting measures and resource procurement too to meet deliverable within a set time. Read More

Manage your Sales and Lead Generation in the most organized and efficient way with our ERP and CRM products.

Sales, Marketing and Lead Generation is a vital aspect for any business as it is here that the overall revenue prospect originates that has the potential to end in a closed sale. However, it doesn’t take much for complexities to arise and keep track of applied marketing strategies and expenditures therein, or tracking of generated leads and promising prospects and even to monitor sales and possible closure opportunities.

All such tasks and operational proceedings require a tracking system, supporting and monitoring mechanism or record maintenance structure which helps in understanding and processing each and every sale related task and turn every sales pitch into a successful sale.

Lead management is something that requires the sales team to keep track of every generated lead and their interest to buy or purchase a certain product or service offered by your business. Read More

Inventory and purchase order management software made easy with our ERP solutions and products.

Managing your internal resources is a very vital aspect of running an organized business operation. What is available and how much more is needed? – forever has been the question that is feared amongst all resource and inventory managers. The only way to establish a proper process or tracking system is to device an ERP application that does the job required.

As a matter of fact, every industry, especially the ones related to manufacturing, construction, real estate and production are always in the need of a similar solution. The ability to properly track and maintain a healthy or optimum amount of resources in your inventory has been on the priority list for every major company and business. It starts from raw materials to intermediary goods and extends out to the nitty-gritty and even stationary required for office purposes. Read More

Give your business the edge with our custom ERP, CRM and Web solutions…

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