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Custom Website Design Company in India to take your business BIG!!

Websites these days are a reflection of your BUSINESS STATEMENT. As prospective clients prefer to take a peek into your business through your business website first and then with what is presented therein, choose to further correspond and partner in your growth. You have less than 7 seconds for interested clients who willingly chose to visit and even lesser than 3 seconds for random visitors to grab attention with what the website homepage has to offer. At People Tech Soft we take great pride as Website Design Company in India to help local and national businesses as well as businesses from all over the world to find the platform they have always been looking for to showcase their services and products.

Website Design Company in India is no longer an IT solution alone but has transformed into a craft that needs a creative approach with a tinge of business understanding and marketing strategies.

Afterall you need to look good to sell good…

Websites have moved from being a simple “all-text” approach where once you got to read pages and pages of content about a company - to - a very Picture and Graphic rich and SEO or Search Engine Optimization content for better online exposure and First Impression Impact - oriented. The website design speaks volumes about how you do business and what all you have to offer to the market.

Prospects and clientele look for simplicity and directness and want to grab the overall business portfolio from the homepage itself.

A single page needs to represent the entirety of your business and ideas.

This requires the Website HOMEPAGE to be designed with a much more aggressive Advertising styling, where all details are CLEARLY DEPICTED.

With advancement in website designing and now with WEB 2.O this is possible with the numerous website building applications, codes and photographic and pictorial representations that are available out there for a business owner and designer to choose from, creating maximum impact on the intended market.

Coming to our capabilities on website designing, we offer a full spectrum of services that range from website building, content writing, Web application development, Cloud based application development, making e-commerce website, technical and product specific website, industrial sector website or personal/private portfolio websites too.

Did we mention that everything is custom and you get what suits you the best!! We use a variety of web design platform that best suits you and your requirements like: Wordpress, Bootstrap, Wix, Dreamweaver, and other ES6 Javascript platforms like Coffeescript, PHP, Go, Objective-C and many-many more.

Our team of experts and you can thoroughly discuss on the exact theme, look and feel of the website and then work out other details like the exact content, graphical richness and other custom feature of each webpage.

Let People Tech Soft make you a gorgeous and stunning looking website for your business that will have your end customers hooked in an instant.

Give your business the edge with our custom ERP, CRM and Web solutions…

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